Testimonials from some of our previous participants:

Kelly and I can truthfully say that the “ Journey of Friendship and Faith” is an opportunity not to be missed and unlikely to ever be rivalled in a lifetime of travels. Expertly guided, traveling with like minded adventurers, the trip is filled with a fascinating exploration of ancient and modern wonders that can only be provided by those who know the country. Witness incredible sites and locations, many readily identifiable from the bible. Participate in stimulating lectures from notable speakers on current topics of extreme interest. Fast paced, well organized, excellent food and superior accommodations will make this one of your most memorable experiences forever cherished and never to be forgotten. We were so moved by the journey we went twice.

— Myron and Kelly
2012 and 2016 Travelers, Journey of Faith & Friendship

I had heard so much about Israel from friends who had visited but had never gone myself. My thoughts were mostly comprised of news reports of times of strife, mixed with early childhood teachings of the deep history and religious happenings of so long ago. I finally got there in November of 2016 on The Journey of Faith and Friendship. It was a trip like no other. I saw a country of unparalleled beauty and endless physical diversity. I got to “walk where they walked”. I gained a new understanding of the many religions that have somehow, coexisted in a very small area for a few thousand years. I saw a highly modern, technologically advanced country that has progressed to the leading edge of virtually everything. Wow does not describe adequately what I experienced. Can’t wait to go back.

— Paul
2016 Journey of Faith & Friendship

I had the distinct pleasure to go on one of the ‘Journey of Faith’ trips to Israel organized by Fred and Audrey Guth and Eddie and Marilyn Weisz.. It was for me a “trip of a lifetime!” If ‘5 star’ is the best rate given for Restaurants and Hotel accommodations, this trip was a ‘7 star!’ in every aspect! Once you have paid the established fee, you can leave your wallet at home, Fred looks after everything! (Of course you should bring it, if you want to purchase personal items.) It was for me a life altering, spiritual experience! Israel is an incredibly, astonishing, beautiful country! From the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the Dead Sea, or the magnificent city of Tel Aviv, I guarantee you will want to go back! Everyone should visit what we call ‘The Holy Land,’ at least once in a lifetime!
Thank you Freddy and Eddie for giving me this unforgettable experience!

— Joyce
2012 Journey of Faith & Friendship

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